What makes us who we are:

For 2 generations, Watch Trade Co. has been devoted to curating great watches to our valued clients with the greatest care. Whether a first buy or a series of purchases to form a collection, we ensure that each transaction is handled with the utmost attention for a smooth and stress-free experience.
Being watch enthusiasts ourselves, we can relate to our clients and understand the love and passion for watches.
It brings us joy to see a watch going to a new home and our client’s excitement with their new purchase… We deliver our service with care, integrity, and pleasure.

Our services:

We specialize in buying, selling, and trading luxury watches.

Building collections: Assembling a collection is nothing less than writing a story chapter by chapter but in this case watch by watch. Each collector has a story to tell through his collection; our knowledge and expertise to collectors, no matter what stage of collecting they are in, help to form a collecting strategy and source the watches that fit their collection, whether it be modern, vintage, or neo vintage.

Sourcing watches: Since we started business, we have had great relationships with so many major players in the watch industry internationally which enables us to source watches from all over the world.

Rebuying watches: Our clients have the privilege of selling watches to us whenever they feel like it.

Consignment: We do offer to our clients that are not in a rush to sell their watches a consignment option. We valuate the watch, agree about the selling price, then offer it through our various marketing channels to ensure the best offer to the watch owner.

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